Sparkle&Shine Cleaning Services

A proper clean-up of the house is a must whenever there’s an excessive build-up of dust, dirt and grime. So why should your solar panels be any exception ?

Hygiene and cleanliness

While a thin layer of dust won’t cause any issues as light can easily penetrate through it but in case there’s excessive build-up, then that could be a problem. A test conducted by a solar panel business discovered that the efficiency is reduced by a little amount – perhaps 5% or less. And, with a normal 5 kW system, this might result in a loss of $20 in your energy bill. Another business discovered that a thorough cleaning increased the efficiency of the panels by 3.5%. Furthermore, based on the analysis of US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), there could be a potential loss of 30% energy yield per year if the solar panels are not cleaned on a monthly basis. Bird dropping are another cause of problem. If your array includes string inverter or micro-inverters then those inverters will stop showing current flow if covered in bird droppings.

Solar panels covered in dust, dirt or grime? Or are they covered in bird droppings ?

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